Voyage beyond the horizon

Seeking a new world record on one of the toughest endurance challenges on the planet,
six brave souls set out to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a true test of their limits.

The Journey

The expedition spans across the Atlantic Ocean, braving all kinds of weather, in a rowboat.

The journey has its origin on the shores of the Faroe Islands, situated in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, the birthplace of five of the six-man crew.

The historic expedition across the Atlantic Ocean will commence in January of 2018, rowing from Portugal to Miami via a quick stop in Cuba.

The aim is to set a new world record as the first ever to row from mainland Europe to the United States as well as Cuba. This expedition counts more than 8.000 kilometers and is estimated to take around 60 days to complete.

Having gone through similar ocean rowing endurance tests before, the crew not only carry an ambition to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 60 days, but also to continue across the globe over the next few years, visiting other island communities in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

This first expedition counts a total of more than 5000 miles from January to March/April 2018, as follows:

1) 4.720 miles from Portugal to Cuba
2) 370 miles from Cuba to Miami

As one of the toughest endurance challenges on earth, these expeditions require heroic feats by an unbreakable crew to make it to the finish line.

The Crew

The expedition across the Atlantic counts a total of six crew members, one rowboat and an abundance of willpower.

Before setting out on their expedition across the Atlantic, the crew embarked on another journey earlier this year - namely to find that all-important boat for their ambitious voyage.

After a few months' search, a perfect match was found in "Imagine," the 6-man ocean rowing boat by Bosgraaf Yacht Design - who have previously designed "Sara G," the Tasman Sea record holder of 2007 and fastest Atlantic crossing in 2011, as well as "Avalon," which crossed the Atlantic in 2013 and 2015 and was the fastest rowing boat across the Indian Ocean in 2014.

The 6-man ocean rowing boat "Imagine" is a Bosgraaf Yacht Design.

The 6-man ocean rowing boat "Imagine" is a Bosgraaf Yacht Design.

Jógvan and Jákup on their new ocean rowing boat alongside Matt Craughwell, who holds the current world record across the Atlantic with the boat "Sara G."

Jógvan and Jákup on their new ocean rowing boat alongside Matt Craughwell, who holds the current world record across the Atlantic with the boat "Sara G."

The Faroese owners and rowers include Jógvan Clementsen, Niclas Olsen, Jákup Jacobsen, and Edmund Berg. Joining them will be Isaac Giesen and Alex Dumbrava from New Zealand and Romania, respectively.

Jógvan Clementsen

Jógvan Clementsen

Jógvan Clementsen is a family man and self-employed carpenter, who as a young fisherman gained a great deal of experience of the Northern seas. He is also a former soldier, so knows about discipline and the team spirit required of a member of an ocean rowing team. Since 1988, he has also been a regular competitor in traditional Faroese boat races.

Niclas Olsen

Niclas Olsen

A carpenter too, Niclas Olsen enjoys fitness sports, including mountain biking and skiing. No stranger to rowing as a fellow competitor in Faroese rowing, he is also a skilled swimmer.

Jákup Jacobsen

Jákup Jacobsen

Another family man and fellow rower of traditional Faroese boats, since he was 17 years old, Jákup Jacobsen has also been an avid kayaker over the past two decades, roaming the tricky seas of the Faroes.

"Oceans connect people," Jákup contemplates. "I take the opposite approach to the assertion that oceans divide people."

"We are men who won't age. What connects us on this project is the boundless adventure of the sea. To row an ocean isn't just to go from A to B like in other sports. Ocean rowing is toughest sport in the world. There are no stretchers or medical aids. You row two hours and rest two hours, until you reach your destination. This seemingly pointless exercise with no guarantee of reaching the finish line is nonetheless an exhilarating one."

Edmund Berg

Edmund Berg

A rower, since childhood, Edmund Berg today works as an independent electrician, having previously served in the Defence Command Denmark, and otherwise operating around Europe and Scandinavia for more than a decade.

Isaac Giesen

Isaac Giesen

Isaac Giesen has been a surf lifeguard, since he was 14 and competed nationally in both surf lifesaving and kayaking. In December 2018, he’s competing in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, and will be the first New Zealander to row the Atlantic solo.

"The Ocean gave me freedom and peace after I lost my Aunty and two mates to suicide,” says Isaac. “The big blue playground is a lovely and fun place if respected and loved right!"

Alex Dumbrava

Alex Dumbrava

Former handball player and judoka, Alex has raced triathlons in the past decade at amateur level. He has also trained for ocean rowing for a year with countless weekends, spent rowing on the Black Sea, and nearly every day in the gym. His training peaked in June 2017, when crossing the Black Sea in record time, from Mangalia (Romania) to Batumi (Georgia) together with four other rowers.

The Mission

"Voyage Beyond The Horizon" is an ambitious five-year adventure project, spanning across the globe.

Ocean rowing is without a doubt one of the toughest challenges you will ever face in any extreme sport. More people have been into space than successfully rowed an ocean.

With a non-stop regime of two hours rowing and two hours resting, whether you row for a week or months on end, it requires relentless will to keep going, no matter your circumstances. It is a tremendous test of your mental, physical and emotional strength.

In this spirit, "Voyage Beyond The Horizon" aim to achieve a new world rowing record with each new row.

Both sponsors and crew will be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, representing great value and long-lasting PR and press opportunities.

It is not only a world record seeking adventure project, but an effort to further nation-building between communities that face similar challenges - with regards to wildlife, the environment and more - around the globe.

We aim to shed a light on how we may be able to tackle some of those issues from a positive and proactive point of view.

In this spirit, we also aim to raise money for good causes related to those issues and to educate the younger generation on some of the challenges we face.

One of these initiatives, "Row for Water," seeks funding for drilling for clean water in Somalia. This rowing expedition will help promote its donation site.

For us, it literally means braving all kinds of weather in a single rowboat, going across the Atlantic Ocean. It means respecting the ocean. It means testing ourselves to the limit.

We have a proven track record and testimonials from previous expeditions, crew and sponsors, as to how well we are able to involve our supporters, staff, clients, families, not to mention our focus on excellent media coverage.

"Voyage Beyond The Horizon" will document the crews' journey from start to finish through written and video diaries, a documentary film, online updates, photography, and more.

Our reputation is second to none for getting spectacular results and returns on investments, whilst generating excellent coverage across a multitude of media platforms.

This "Voyage Beyond The Horizon" is a true modern day adventure. And we want you to be a part of it.

For sponsorships, media enquiries, and more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by contacting:

Jákup Jacobsen
Telephone: +45 53 83 95 00